Uncover the Truth About Your Marriage

Arrange for an adultery investigation in China Grove, Statesville, Granite Falls & Salisbury, NC

Do you suspect your spouse has been unfaithful? It's hard to think the person you married could break your trust, but it's always better to know the truth. That's where Ion Investigations, LLC comes in.

We conduct adultery investigations for clients in China Grove, Statesville, Granite Falls & Salisbury, NC. You can learn once and for all what's going on in your marriage and take action from there. Hire our team for a cheating spouse investigation today.

3 reasons to conduct an adultery investigation

It's understandable to worry about uncovering adultery in your relationship, but there are several reasons it'll be a good idea. You can use the results of a cheating spouse investigation to...

  1. Help win a divorce settlement or custody case
  2. Avoid staying in a bad or unhealthy relationship
  3. Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the truth
You can't build a healthy, long-term relationship when there are secrets under the surface. Discover the truth behind your marriage today with an adultery investigation.