Trying to Locate a Missing Person in China Grove, Statesville, Granite Falls or Salisbury, NC?

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If someone you love has gone missing, you'll need a qualified team to help you find them ASAP. Ion Investigations, LLC can efficiently locate missing persons in the China Grove, Statesville, Granite Falls & Salisbury, NC areas.

Time is crucial when it comes to missing persons cases, so we'll work efficiently to gather important information and start looking for your loved one right away. Reach out today to start a missing person investigation.

Discover what a PI can do for you

When it comes to a missing person investigation, it's important to have as much professional support and guidance as possible. Having a private investigator on the case is a great way to make sure all possible leads can be followed while giving some extra support to the police.

Make sure you're doing everything you can to find your missing friend, child or family member. Share your information with our team today so we can help locate the missing person.